Tricopigmentation Trainer  
Expert technician and teacher

During his education as a professional and teacher, Alessandro Lardì has had several guides who have inspired, taught and motivated him, first of all Milena Lardì.

In 2008, at the age of 18, he started his training collaborating with Beauty Medical at first as a make up artist and later as a micropigmentation technician in the field of aesthetic, paramedical and corrective micropigmentation.

His passion turned into a career in 2009, when he reaches satisfying objectives, being qualified as Senior Goldeneye teacher.

Since 2013 Alessandro Lardì has dealt exclusively with tricopigmentation and micropigmentation and has worked as a micropigmentation teacher.

In 2011 he deepened his knowledge about the hair loss and hair surgery fields joining the staff of some of the most important hair surgeons in the world, Dr. Piero Tesauro and Dr. Vincenzo Gambino.

Alessandro Lardì is an extremely conservative and attentive technician. He is recognized for the great naturalness of his works, such as in the reconstruction of tricopigmentation hair lines, and in the hyper-realistic techniques he uses in the aesthetic and corrective permanent make-up treatments.

His working skills allow him to have an aptitude for soft reconstruction of parietal areas with tricopigmentation and of male eyebrow reconstruction with permanent make-up.

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